Eco Friendly Vegan Diapers For Babies

July 21, 2017 Snap Vegan 0

May be you’re looking for vegan disposable diapers because you’re taking the family out on a picnic where there’s no toilet facilities. Or you might be dressing up your baby in a cute white dress for your sister’s wedding and you need a no-leak reassurance. Whatever the reason, Snap Vegan has got you (and your baby’s bum!) covered with a list of vegan nappies.

Choosing The Right Vegan Protein Powder

July 14, 2017 Snap Vegan 0

Protein powder is a nutritious and convenient supplement for many vegans and non-vegans alike whether it is for an all rounded workout or for a daily protein boost. Snap Vegan has put together a cheat-sheet to help you choose the best vegan protein powder. 

Choose the best tofu press… and one that works!

July 12, 2017 Snap Vegan 0

I’ve lived in Asia for over a decade and now I’m back in the Western world. Of all the things, I miss how I can get a block of freshly pressed tofu (for less than US$1) from the supermarket just a couple minutes down the road. I decided to venture out and try my hands at pressing tofu myself.

We Found The Cutest Desk Accessories For Dog Lovers

July 10, 2017 Snap Vegan 0

Are you a dog lover who misses pup-cuddles during the work or school day? While it’s a bummer your four-legged best friend can’t tag along to the office, keep some of these dog-inspired stationeries at the office to keep you smiling through the day.

Cruelty Free Vegan Sheet Mask Brands

July 8, 2017 Snap Vegan 0

I love a good vegan sheet mask facial! From K-pop to beauty trends, there’s no denial that Korean products have become much more prominent in the last decade. One of my current favorites of their trending items is facial sheet masks. They are perfect as a pick-me-up treat, or pack them in a bridesmaid gift basket.