Eco Friendly Vegan Diapers For Babies

Vegan Diapers For Your Baby

You know what they say about starting them young- it’s no different with veganism. There are many ways to avoid animal-tested and environmentally- detrimental baby products (who knew a melon-sized being can cause an overflowing landfill!?!?), such as using cloth diapers. Cloth diapers are often reusable and eco friendly- but, when we’re juggling so many tasks at once, disposable diapers may be the way to go. Let’s look at what vegan diapers are available on the market.

May be you’re looking for vegan disposable diapers because you’re taking the family out on a picnic where there’s no toilet facilities. Or you might be dressing up your baby in a cute white dress for your sister’s wedding and you need a no-leak reassurance. Whatever the reason, Snap Vegan has got you and your baby’s bum covered (quite literally!) with a list of vegan nappies.

1. Bambo Nature

Bambo Nature New Born is an eco friendly and vegan diaper. The comfy fluff is made from biodegradable and paraben-free materials. Going the extra mile, Bambo Nature’s Danish manufacturer even recycles 95% of all production waste.

2. Honest Diapers

Honest’s vegan nappies are made from plant-derived materials. Soft waist band, elastic stretch tabs, leak-prevention barriers, cute bum patterns – Honest Diapers has everything your baby wants in a vegan diaper. The only downside is that Honest’s nappies don’t breathe as well as Bambo Nature’s vegan diappers. So if your little one gets cases of the sweaty bums, this may not be the one.

3. Parasol

The consensus is… they are super soft! Parasol’s unique selling point (besides being cruelty free) is its thin but soft and absorbent layers. Therefore, Snap Vegan recommends Parasol for active or sweaty babies, or babies with sensitive skin.

4. Beaming Baby

Beaming Baby Bio-Decradable Nappies is perfect for sensitive-skin babies because they’ve infused chamomile into their diapers. As a UK brand with emphasis on using organic materials, it’s no surprise that they’ve won an award for Best Skincare Product in the mother and baby category.

5. Whole Foods 365

Another eco friendly choice Whole Foods 365 ‘s chlorine-free diapers. These vegan diapers do not contain any artificial fragrances and are never bleached. Since it’s hypoallergenic, you won’t have to worry about any pesky rashes- or cranky babies.

Why Are Some Diapers Non Vegan?

A shocking example is when animals are force-fed diaper ingredients during animal testing. Other times, chemicals are rubbed against their skin to test for allergic reactions.

Hopefully, this handy list of vegan nappies has broadened your vegan baby product options.  

Happy bum. Happy mind.