Vegan for All

Why I launched Snap Vegan Daily

Snap Vegan Daily is a hub for all of your vegan needs. When I first became a vegan, I often found myself weaving in and out of supermarket aisles, squinting at small prints to figure out which ingredients are animal products. Other times, I might be browsing the wide array of results from google and get lost in the sea of information. With this in mind, I decided to invest my time in creating an internet home for vegans to effortlessly find information about ethical products and handy tips to maintain a healthy lifestyle. That is how I came up with the title “Snap Vegan”.

The “Daily” of this website’s title embodies the notion of a newsroom. My goal is to bring you interesting news and stimulating ideas to keep you up to date on our constantly evolving popular culture. This is also a platform for you to share your thoughts and expertise with like-minded people.┬áIn short, “Snap Vegan Daily” is the pocket book to your vegan lifestyle and entertainment.

Ultimate goal

And who knows, Snap Vegan Daily may play a role in expanding the vegan community by inspiring more people to commit to a lifestyle that is compassionate and rewarding.