We Found The Cutest Desk Accessories For Dog Lovers

Are you a dog lover who misses pup-cuddles during the work or school day? We just may have the cutest dog themed desk accessories. While it’s a bummer your four-legged best friend can’t tag along to the office, keep some of these dog-inspired stationeries at the office to keep you smiling through the day.

1. Dog Butt Magnets

I like dog butts I cannot lie! Ok, that might be a bit over the top. But you can’t deny that seeing these dog butt magnets on the meeting room whiteboard will make sales targets much more entertaining. And who said mature, responsible, and respectable adults can’t stick these dog butt magnets on their desktop mini-whiteboards? Five posteriors and 1 fire hydrant. Mark your office territory with these whimsical backside magnets.

2. Balloon Dog Bookend

Jeff Koons scaled up a balloon dog to make a 3 meters tall mirror polished stainless steel sculpture. Then this gigantic sculpture was scaled back down for home decor enthusiasts. The balloon dog has come around full circle to bring you this balloon dog bookend. It’s not as shimmering as Koons would have made it, but it functions as a captivating bookend. A definite conversation starter.

3. Humping Dog USB Flash Drive

I think the humping dog USB flash drive is pretty self explanatory. The dog does “sit ups” when it’s plugged in. It’s a cute little way to store your digital files and see the doggo working hard too. When you purchase this humping dog flash drive, make sure you click the one with memory capacity. I’ve seen one with 8GB and another with 32GB. And I’ve seen one with none. That’s right, all that the zero-gigabyte USB dog does is… hump.

4. I Work Hard So My Dog Can Have A Better Life

I work hard so my dog can have a better life“. For some, no truer words have been spoken!

This is more of a slogan branding rather than a single desktop item. Snap Vegan has chosen a “I work hard so my dog can have a better life” coffee mug to remind you of your favorite furry friend.

5. Dog Tape Dispenser

This wiener dog tape dispenser comes with a magnetic doggie bowl that holds the bone-shaped paper clips. Some users have said that the role of tape that comes with the dispenser has tiny sausages printed on it. (We hope they’re vegan sausages!)

6. Porcelain Dachshund Letter Organizer

Keep your letters, notes, and bills in an orderly fashion. The porcelain dachshund letter organizer features hand-painted porcelain, gold metal coil, and a convenient slot for holding a pen. Style your desktop like they did in the 50s!

7. Dog Phone Holder

This dog phone holder doubles up as a name card holder at the office. Although it is designed so that your phone can sit upright on the dog phone holder, I prefer sitting my sideway for stability. Either way, it is small and discrete so that it doesn’t add another clunky device to your desktop.

We hope you’ve found a gem from this list to spice up your office desktop. Why not advocate your love for dogs by getting a colleague one of these, too!