Cruelty Free Vegan Sheet Mask Brands

I love a good vegan sheet mask facial! From K-pop to beauty trends, there’s no denial that Korean products have become much more prominent in the last decade. One of my current favorites of their trending items is facial sheet masks. They are perfect as a pick-me-up treat, or pack them in a bridesmaid gift basket.

It’s not easy finding cruelty free vegan sheet masks. I’ve seen sheet masks with animal products like snail slime, bird’s nest, and honey. Why needs them to stay natural and beautiful! Here are 4 cruelty free vegan sheet masks.

How to use vegan sheet mask

Facial sheet masks are so convenient and rejuvenating. If you’ve not used facial masks before, here’s a quick rundown of what to do:

  1. Cleanse your face and tone
  2. Remove vegan sheet mask from packet
  3. Unfold sheet mask and place on your face
  4. Relax for 20 to 30 minutes
  5. Peel off sheet mask
  6. Moisturize

1. Andalou Naturals

Andalou Naturals has trademarked the uses fruit stem cell science in their face masks. Stem cells is now a buzzword in the skincare world because they can potentially protect the skin from aging or damage and can stimulate skin cell growth.

I have tried Andalou’s Instant Pure Pore vegan facial sheet mask. The coconut water seru

m is a bit runny, so you’ll end up with excess serum in the pouch. Keep the excess! I popped mine in the fridge and used it as a night lotion the following day.

I did feel a slight tingle on my forehead (got a few pimples there) for the first couple of minutes after I smoothed the sheet over my face. However, I loved how my skin didn’t feel sticky afterwards and, yet, refreshed. Therefore, I recommend this vegan sheet mask when you don’t have any blemishes but you want to clarify your pores to prevent breakouts. It’s definitely not a daily vegan facial mask. I would use it a few times a month in order to stop breakouts before they start!

2. Gabriel Cosmetics

Gabrield Cosmetics’ cruelty free vegan sheet masks are available in 3 options.

Skin Brightening Mask

Hydrating Mask

Anti-Aging Mask

The Skin Brightening Mask is the one I’ve tried, because I want to lessen my acne scars. What’s unique about this vegan sheet mask is its compostable and biodegradable plant based fibers. Choose the Hydrating Mask for a cold winter’s day. Choose the Anti-Aging Mask to keep your skin looking young (after pulling an all-nighter!).

3. Klairs

Klairs is vegan friendly, eco friendly, and cruelty free brand. This Korean beauty brand won the 2017 Beauty Shortlist Awards for the international category “Best natural / organic skincare”. Klairs’ Rich Moist Soothing vegan sheet mask will keep your face feeling plump and hydrated. You can even integrate it into your daily facial routine if you can spare 15 minutes to relax with a facial! I like to store them in the fridge during the summer. This makes them extra refreshing!

4. MaskerAide

This is a tricky one. On the MaskerAide UK official “about” page, it says their masks are vegan friendly. But when I took a look at the ingredients of the Pre Party Prep mask, it contains honey. They do have a few other options, which I believe contain no honey. (I have emailed MaskerAide to find out more. Will keep you posted!)

All Nighter – awaken, replenish, refresh

Weather Warrior – calm, soothe, heal

I Don’t Wanna Grow Up – lift, firm, soften fine lines

Beauty Rest’ore – restore, regenerate, repair

Detox Diva – cleanse, exfoliate, detoxify

Whether you are trying vegan sheet masks for the first time or this is already your everyday ritual, let us know what you think about these ethical face masks in the comments below!